Pots and Pens Workshop
28th Sept- 2nd Oct

We hosted our first ever writing, pottery and yoga workshop – Pots & Pens on 29th September, 2017. It was a four-day long workshop where the participants were taught the basics of creative writing, pottery, and Hatha yoga by Aditi, Virangna and Shubhangna respectively.

The modules were accompanied by forest picnics. bonfires, games, walks amidst our forest garden and farm fresh organic food.

Click here to get a detailed account of the workshop written by one of our visually-impaired participants, Mr Pranav Lal.

Muddy Mountain Workshop
10th -17th June 2018

An introductory workshop for those looking to get acquainted with the craft of pottery ( 30 hours) accompanied with yoga (12 hours) and meditation (6 hours).  

Each morning began early with an intensive practice of Upa Yoga, a simple yet powerful system of exercise that activates your joints, muscles and energy system. Each day was brought to a close by indulging in Chit Shakti guided meditations that help to manifest love, health, peace, and success.

The pottery sessions were focused on providing an immersive experience of material and process. The participants experimented with a hand-building project, building vessels and working on ideas of decoration. Alternatively, the basics of wheel-throwing pottery were introduced along with drawing sessions to encourage design thinking. To further engage in the possibilities of clay as a material, there were outdoor sessions wherein the participants meditated on and collected naturally found patterns and textures in the coniferous forests of the village.

Living and eating from the organic and bio-diverse farm, the meals were planned and provided with an aim to educate the participants about the connections and implications of food on the environment, body, and mind.

The workshop was conducted in collaboration with Studio SQ1, New Delhi and WhiteHill Studio.

Sculpture Workshop
2nd-6th July 2018

Sculpture workshop by Mari Ogihara was an immersive and educational workshop on learning advanced techniques in making figurative works. Each participant worked from references and ideas brought to the studio by them and developed under the guidance of Mari. The sessions focused on learning the techniques involved in composing, scaling, detailing and finishing large- scale sculptures. Other demonstrations included working on bisque samples of how to mask, tape & incise patterns using slips, underglazes, and decals.

This workshop was conducted in collaboration with studio Studio Re4clay, New Delhi.