Artist Residency

Participants will have the opportunity to launch, continue individual or collaborative work in a variety of mediums (visual arts, sculpture, photography, performance art, writing or video) inspired by their surroundings and interactions with the local community.

We strongly advocate and encourage artists to engage in community building using their time, skill, perspective and work. Placed in a rural setting,  the program offers offer artists and authors an opportunity to explore their research more deeply, to experiment, and to create in a cultural space that is unique and stimulating.The artists are also encouraged to share the work with the community at the end of the residency.

Disciplines and media

  • Visual Art
  • Sculpture
  • Traditional craft
  • Performing Arts
  • Literature
  • Textile Art
  • Filmmaking and Photography
  • New Media
  • Performance Art, Painting, Installation, In situ practices

Expectations from the artist

  • Leading Workshop or Class
  • Documentation
  • Exhibition

Spaces will be allotted on a proposal basis and nature of work

Mari Ogiharas’s Review

I spent four weeks at Shilaroo Project creating ceramic sculptures and experiencing the unique culture of the hillside town near the Himalayas. The residency at Shilaroo was a fruitful period full of peaceful quiet, tremendous mountain landscape and wonderful accommodation. Every morning I woke up to see a phenomenal mountain top view of trees, clouds and apple orchard. It felt as though I was living on a floating cloud. Every day the clouds changed formation giving a different mood. Being so high in elevation on the mountain it was challenging and fun to go running every day up the hillside. 

Other than working in the studio making art, my daily routine involved this run. I was able to focus solely on my artwork because the staff at Shilaroo took care of daily chores which I am truly grateful for. They fed me tasty, healthy and thoughtful meals three times a day and provided laundry service. This allowed for an uninterrupted period of creation enabling me to finish a body of work for an exhibition slated for 2019 in New Delhi. Thank you to the Kainthla Family and Shilaroo Project for this experience. I loved my residency at Shilaroo and recommend to anyone looking to be inspired mentally, physically and spiritually.