Housed in an apple orchard in the mountain village of Shilaroo, our family run holistic residency in Himachal offers fundamental workshops on the ancient practices of yoga, pottery, and farming, along with restful accommodation, farm-fresh vegetarian meals, and ceramic studio facilities. Surrounded by the stillness of the Himalayas, The Project is shaped as an organic space with an aim to develop a community system of dynamic people and practices focusing on the ideas of sustainability, productivity and above all a keen sense of awareness of self and our surroundings.

Pots & Pens Workshop

We hosted our first ever writing, pottery and yoga workshop – Pots & Pens on 29th September, 2017. It was held across four days where the participants were taught the basics of creative writing, pottery and Hatha yoga by Aditi, Virangna and Shubhangna respectively.

The modules were accompanied by forest picnics. bonfires, games, walks amidst our forest garden and farm fresh organic food.

Click here to get a detailed account of the workshop written by one of our visually-impiared participants, Mr Pranav Lal.

How to be a part of The Shilaroo Project

There are many sides to The Shilaroo Project and we invite to come, explore them with us!

Whether you are travelling solo or as a group to Himachal Pradesh, you can choose to savor from an array of experiences at The Shilaroo Project.  As an independent traveler, indulge in one-on-one guided sessions of yoga with Shubhangna or pottery with Virangna or participate in whatever seasonal farming activities the entire family is engaged in!

As a group of either friends or family, guided yoga or pottery sessions or farming activities can be experienced collectively.

In case you are looking to use the space at the Shilaroo Project for simply resting and unwinding, you can count on your experience being something that you can carry back home with you.

Being right off of NH5 Hindustan -Tibet Road, the project is open to walk-ins for all those journeying through Himachal.

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